What we do.

FMS specializes in CNC turning of plastics and metallics, including stainless steel. We can turn tooling and other components used in production and fabrication. We will provide components either heat treated or in the annealed state depending upon your needs. Heat treated items may also be finished turned providing a cost effective alternative to grinding.

We are extensively involved with the wire industry. FMS manufactures cold header tooling that utilize spools of wire to produce bolts, nuts, and other items formed from wire. To the manufacture of wire draw die cases from materials such as 1018 low carbon steel to brass and hardened tool steel. These cases are used by wire die manufacturers to hold the carbide wire draw die nib while they finish it to the required size.

We manufacture ultrasonic polishing pins. The most common size being 6mm (with 6 x 1mm threads). These pins are used to polish or resize wire draw dies that are manufactured from man made and natural diamonds.

Hard turning M4 (Rc 64)
Fetters Machining Service, Ltd.