Fetters Machining Service, Ltd.
ID grinding a long hole.Another view of grinding the long hole.Cylindrical grinding without centers.EDMing a hex key pocket in 17-4 stainless steel.Tapping stainless steel with 4-40 tap.Mill grooves in the wire grippers.CNC turning center. Machined from solid. Large hole at left .0005 tolerance.Various tooling.Split die - roughSplit Die - Finished.Wire guide housing for Wire EDM.Various tools, holders, and bushings.Hard turning a solid M4 wire cutter.Milling bronzeSonic polish pinsStarting a whistle notch.Aluminum block being rough milled.Pain set up in the EDM.
Roughing of a Cam ring.
Cam ring being EDM'ed to clear corners.
Getting ready to rough cut this case.
Half inch depth of cut. Look out, Hot Chips!
Cylindrical OD grinding.
Rolls being hard turned.
Grinding a round hole in a sqaure part.